KANTANSHI PF member of parliament Anthony Mumba says he would have loved to see more new faces being given the responsibility to handle party matters, rather than having people like Davies Chama spearheading issues.

The PF central committee has appointed a seven-man committee to be headed by Davies Chama which will spearhead the organisation and planning of the forthcoming party’s Extra Ordinary General Conference.

But in an interview, Mumba said it would be up to members to judge whether what was happening constituted rebranding.

“It is up to the members to judge whether that constitutes the rebranding that they would want in terms of some of the names that have come across. I am happy for honourable Kang’ombe. I think that he represents a new face. I was thinking that there would be more new faces that will be given the responsibility, for example to prepare for the convention. Not necessarily the names that have always been common such as Davies Chama. These are the same people that members of the PF feel that if we had new faces taking over some of these responsibilities, and then we will be able to start representing the new face that we are talking about. Nonetheless, the process has started and we will hear what the terms of reference will be,” he said.

Mumba said the central committee needed to relook the party constitution in order to align it to the modern democracy politics.

“Most importantly for me as member of Parliament for Kantanshi, I would have wanted to see the constitution review process starting first before the preparation of the convention. The preparation of the convention is just to elect one person who is the president who is going to end up controlling everything and appointing everyone, which might not really represent the new face of the PF. I am satisfied that they have been able to respond to some of the concerns we had. However, the most important one should have been the constitution review programme which should have started so that the programmes of the party are properly realigned in terms of the leadership,” said Mumba.

“There was also a demand that there must be a preparatory team which should spearhead the planning process for the general conference. Though my concern borders on the constitution which should have also been dealt with by the Central Committee in as far as trying to review it and align it to our modern democracy of politics. The PF party constitution that we currently have definitely requires to be reviewed. So the changes that have been made, have been made in good spirits.”