NEWLY appointed PF member of the central committee Kennedy Kamba says it is time to reorganise the party by electing a new leadership of choice at the general conference.

In an interview, Kamba said he was happy with the current party leadership.

“Of course, I am part of the highest organ of the party. My role will depend on the assignments which I will be given to do by the central committee. I will wait to be given assignments to take the party forward. I am a member of the party and the current leadership is on temporal basis because we are going to a convention. For now, I can simply tell you that I am happy with the leadership of the party. If there will be changes, we are going to do them at the general conference. I am part and parcel of the party and there is no way I can speak against them then it is better off I resign,” Kamba said.

“So if I have accepted being member of the central committee then I am accepting the leadership of the party, but that does not mean we cannot make changes at the conference, no. Let the conference come, so that members, including myself will cast the vote in favour of some people to be included in the central committee and to lead the party. We lost elections and now things are settling down, it is time to reorganise the party by electing new leadership at the conference.”

Kamba said party members needed to respect the decisions of the central committee for the sake of unity.

“The Central Committee has made a decision which members of the party should accept if they want unity. Of course, not all decisions and appointments made can make me happy including losing my position. We have to respect the decision of the central committee for the sake of unity. I can only urge my former provincial officials to accept the decision which has been made by the current central committee led by the acting president Given Lubinda,” said Kamba.

“What is making us happy is that they have formulated a committee which is going to look at the convention and I am sure members of the party across the country are looking forward to the convention in June. I think after the convention, everything will be okay. All we want to see is unity and allow members to air their grievances or to choose who should lead the party through the ballot box at the conference. They should allow all those who want to aspire to go ahead and avail themselves to the general membership of the party.”