MATERO PF member of parliament Miles Sampa says he is ready for any public or private institution to conduct a lifestyle audit on him as he is open to accountability.

Newly appointed Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) board chairperson Musa Mwenye has repeatedly called for lifestyle audits for those who have previously served in public office as well as current office bearers.

And in a Facebook post, Wednesday, Sampa, who is also chairperson of the Zambia Chapter of the African Parliamentary Network Against Corruption, stated that he wanted to lead by example.

“I was just reading the News Diggers Editorial congratulating and justifying the appointment of SC Musa Mwenye as the new ACC Board Chairman. Therein they also state that he is the only Zambian that has offered himself to have a lifestyle audit conducted on him. Well, as the current chairman of APNAC (Africa Parliamentarians Against Corruption -Zambia Chapter), I Miles Bwalya Emmanuel Sampa and to whom it may concern, wish to declare myself as the second Zambian to offer himself for a lifestyle audit. Available to any person (sane & objective), NGO or Public Institution to conduct a lifestyle audit on me. We have to lead by example,” stated Sampa.

The post attracted positive comments from some netizens, with Facebook user Cliff Phiri writing “Good move. Let’s live within our means”.

Another Facebook user Optus Dei wrote “Great move and this sends [a] signal that you are using your own clean money. God bless you.”

But others thought Sampa was playing politics and wanted public sympathy.

“The next thing you will hear ati Miles Sampa has defected to the UPND,” Mainzah Erch commented on the post.

Keith Kapekesa lamented “As you do ma lifestyle audits for you who have made it in life, concerning fuel is it going be increased nangu shani?”

“Stop playing politics, you’d have done this a long time ago,” Makungo wrote.