SINDA PF member of parliament Masauso Tembo has accused President Hakainde Hichilema’s political advisor Levy Ngoma of ordering his arrest because he is jealous of him.

But Ngoma has refuted Tembo’s claims, saying he doesn’t have any powers to order anyone’s arrest.

Police recently arrested Tembo on allegations of Forgery and Uttering false documents, which include a National Registration Card and a Grade 12 certificate.

But in an interview, Tembo claimed he had a valid Grade 12 certificate.

“My arrest was an instruction from the former MP, Levy Ngoma, advisor to the President. The offence which I committed is not about Grade 12 certificate, the offence which I committed is about winning Levy Ngoma an election in 2021 and 2016. They just changed the charge to say I don’t have a grade 12 certificate. I have a grade 12 certificate, I sat for grade 12 in 2004 at Petauke Boarding. I told the police to go and investigate Petauke Boarding and go to ECZ if that certificate is forged. My background, I have a company called Kazungula, I am a director of that company. So that name Kazungula I included it pa NRC in 2018 which I got an affidavit from the High Court and I paid K1,700. He is just jealous of me,” said Tembo.

“I stood as an Independent in 2016, he petitioned me, he took me to court and he lost. My lawyer was KBF, why didn’t he bring those issues that I forged a grade 12 certificate? Go to ZRA where I pay tax, who is the director of that company? It is me. Before I included Kazungula on the NRC, I got the NRC in 2005. There is no change of NRC number, so, where is it forged there? He just wants to play politics and trouble me instead of me going to go and work. I was at Petauke Boarding and they can ask my classmates. I was the best footballer in Eastern Province. I am comfortable because I am innocent. So, my arrest is being instructed by Levy Ngoma.”

But in a separate interview, Ngoma said it was quite unfortunate that Tembo could think in that direction.

“When the issue is about him having a forged NRC and forged certificate, how do I come in? Do I even have power to order [an arrest]? Quite unfortunate that he can think in that direction. I’m not the police, I’m not even aware of all those things. Somebody winning an election cannot lead to him or her being arrested. So it’s quite unfortunate that he can reduce himself to personalities. I don’t have any powers to order any arrest and the appropriate body to answer is the arresting body, not me. I wouldn’t want even to be drawn in a discussion with him now,” said Ngoma.