We have stated in the past that the UPND in power will not have any better language than what we are hearing from the ruling Patriotic Front today. It appears that when PF officials insult the UPND, the biggest opposition party feels obliged to retaliate with the same measure of vulgar, if not worse.

But our concern today is the party that is controlling the affairs in the Republic of Zambia, the party that is setting the agenda for discourse – the Patriotic Front and its government leadership. These people do not care what citizens think about them nowadays. If someone in the opposition accuses them of theft, abuse of power or general bad governance, that individual will get a cocktail of insults from all directions.

Why is the PF and its leadership in government so talented at insults? Is there really no other way that two opposition political views can be settled without removing one another’s human dignity? How can educated human beings, entrusted with the power and responsibility to lead 17 million other citizens find it easy to insult those they are leading? How can government leaders in a Christian Nation refer to other humans as dogs, pigs or goats?

We have a deputy secretary general of the governing party charging that those who are questioning the style of governance in Zambia have malnourished pediatric brains? Is that acceptable in a Christian nation; making a mockery of those suffering children who are malnourished because top government leaders are stealing money meant for their drugs and nutrition?

Then a day later, we have a top State House official saying the Republican President will not waste time to sit and dialogue with opposition political leaders who have brains the size of a rat. Can this be acceptable in a Christian Nation? Where are we going as a country? Are we providing exemplary leadership to human beings or we are leading other creatures that have no use being alive?

Like we have said, the opposition, especially the UPND, have responded to insults with insults, which is very unfortunate, but our concern is that the PF and its government leadership has completely destroyed its moral conscience to stop the culture of political insults. They cannot stop the rot because they are the pioneers of foul language. It means this situation will only get worse as we go towards 2021.

We can’t believe that this is happening under the leadership of a President who ascended to power under the guise of being humble and God fearing. It is a mockery to imagine that these insults are being spearheaded by a government that has created a Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance, a regime that has declared a Day of National Prayer and Reconciliation, a leadership that has put up the so-called New Tabernacle National House of Prayer.

For sure, no one can fool God, so who are these people fooling? When they proclaim the Gospel, speak in tongues and bow down their heads in prayer before their Cabinet meetings, who are they fooling? This a very unfortunate style of leadership; and it is overflowing from State House, through Cabinet, all the way to the junior members of the ruling party.

We have reproduced a few lines from the past to show our leaders that citizens don’t forget what is coming out of their mouths. These are remarks from the PF and its government, provoked by criticism on bad governance. Are these leaders befitting to be in charge of a Christian Nation?

MUMBI PHIRI to Charles Milupi: “The UPND has been singing about taking President Lungu to The Hague from 2016 up to date. When are they going to do that? You can see the pettiness in these paediatric brains of these old men with small brains. And you know, when you have paediatric children, those who are healthy, it is even okay but these men are behaving like those paediatric children who have suffered malnutrition. If a child suffers malnutrition, even their capacity of thinking is reduced.”

SUNDAY CHANDA to Opposition Alliance: The leaders of political parties who recently met at a hotel in Lusaka fit the bill of both terms quite nicely. Chishimba Kambwili, Elias Chipimo, Mike Mulongoti, Charles Milupi, Sean Tembo, and other tag-alongs, all have one thing in common; they are Hichilema’s useful “obliGOATary” idiots! They represent the cast of a slapstick comedy that portrays a nearly extinct Billy Goat misleading other goats.”

AMOS CHANDA to Chishimba Kambwili: You have taken me to court thinking you can bully me and I have responded using a civil action. Why not wait for the process before you can open your dirty mouth? That’s the reasoning of a buffoon like you that you see others through your dirty eyes… I’m here whether you like it or not. When time to go comes and it will definitely come I will proceed to do something else. I am not as limited as you are, stinky stupid fool! Keep your dirty vengeance-filled mouth shut and focus on your health challenges that now seem to have migrated to your big, but empty head. You rabid dog, can you find any other way of dying than dragging me into your self-inflicted problems.”

PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU to Opposition: “I am appealing to police to take charge of peace and order and wherever elections are taking place. Sort out the fool before it brings war. I am challenging police to take control of the situation by sorting out foolish people who want to bring anarchy. They are ashamed of their losses in recent by elections and these fools know they are losing the next election, so they want to disrupt the electoral process.

JEAN KAPATA to UPND in parliament: “Elo beshile nabafwala nefya black (they [UPND] even came here dressed in black), get out! Nabafwala nefya black kwati balewamya (they are even dressed in black like they are doing the right thing) [How can you be] politicking when someone has lost a child? Ata bane [more insults], one day members tukaiponone one by one, tukamone uwakosa ninani (one day we should beat each other up as members of parliament so that we see who is stronger). Ala imwe baice! Fi satanist (you little kids, [you are just] satanists).”

DAVIES MWILA on Kambwili’s beating at Parliament: “What happened at Parliament normal, yes Kambwili will be beaten because he is a fool. I am telling you as PF Secretary General that if Kambwili thinks that he can continue provoking others he will be beaten. You quote me the way I have told you. If he thinks he can provoke people even in Cairo Road, he will be beaten. Kambwili is just like a mad dog. How would you feel if someone was calling you a thief when you are not? Tell Kambwili that if he continues to insult people they will continue beating him because he is a stupid Politician.”

If these bitter sentiments were coming from those who have fruitlessly struggled to form government, we would understand the frustration. But the above named members of the “Manyozo Forwarding Party” have no survival struggles. They eat well, they have plenty of money, they can afford holidays and any type of alcohol that their throats crave. So why are they insulting in this manner? Surely, Zambia needs deliverance.