A bizarre confession has emerged from a South Africa-based Nigerian prophet who claims that the Patriotic Front won the 2016 elections dubiously and with the help of his supernatural powers.

This prophet, going by the name of Seer 1, has since asked the PF officials who got the supernatural powers from him to surrender them before he kills them all on the basis that they have brought suffering on the people of Zambia.

“All of you that are in PF, that collected power from me, return it within 20 days. The last time I gave prophesy, they started writing to my inbox [that] ‘Seer 1 please’, I don’t want inbox apology. The same thing they collected from me to win elections is the same thing they are using to oppress innocent people [and] stealing from innocent people. Whether you still give me tithe or you don’t give me tithe, as long as I gave you something, do as I say. Or whatever I gave you in secret [and] you are in PF government, return it.

I am saying this [and] many people will think that it’s a joke [and are wondering] ‘Seer 1 why are you doing this? Why can’t you keep secrets?’ I can’t keep secrets when people are dying, I can’t keep secrets when you are arresting innocent men and women of God. [In] 20 days, next Sunday if you don’t call me and make a plan to come to South Africa and return my stuff as I say, I will mention your name. The other Sunday, if you don’t bring it, you will die. Mark my words, I swear. There is no phone call apology, I don’t want it. Return what you took,” said Seer 1.

We are very concerned about this because, judging by the social media euphoria around this, the confession has the potential to cause unrest in the country if any of the leaders was to die.

We are fully aware of the fact that the PF has been oppressing people and stealing from the poor. But we do not believe that the solution is to kill them, even without trial. Murder is a serious crime and should it pass that our political leaders drop dead one by one within the stated time frame, Interpol must find this so-called prophet and bring him to justice.

In fact, Interpol must already be looking for him because he is a criminal who has admitted to meddling in our electoral process. He should not be explaining from TV how he used powers from the underworld to put PF in government; he must be in the accused’s dock in court, giving his witness testimony.

We heard him basically admitting that he is responsible for the death of a named young Zambian celebrity whom he gave power, on grounds that he did not do as commanded by some covenant entered into. Now what kind of Christianity is that? Where in the Bible did Jesus kill his followers after blessing or healing them?

We have never heard anything like that from a preacher, not even in the notorious church called: “Zoipa chitani Mulungu azaweluza”. This is just insanely blasphemous and ridiculous.

Jesus, with all the spiritual power at His disposal and the miracles He performed, acknowledged His Father, God the Creator as the life-giver. But Seer 1 claims to have power above God and Jesus Christ to give and take life. Who does he think he is?

If we may ask, how many Nigerian politicians has this Seer 1 given this supernatural power to win elections and how many has he killed? What about in South Africa where he is based? How many politicians has he put in power and how many has he killed? Is he saying only Zambian lives are this cheap for him to slaughter like chickens?

In our view, there is nothing Christian about this prophet. What he practices is pure Satanism from the underworld which the discerning people of Zambia must reject. What this evil prophet is doing is an attempt to destabilize the country by sowing seeds of fear and confusion in the citizens and their leaders.

It appears like this prophet wants the people of Zambia to worship him as the person who gives and takes life and the person who decides who must govern the country. That’s what he wants in our view.

Now, this Seer 1 cannot be so powerful to own the souls of Zambian citizens and decide when to make them live or die. He cannot be allowed to decide who should be our leaders using his so-called supernatural powers. If any of this is true, he must be arrested for meddling in our electoral process.

Yes, we insist that the PF leadership is full of criminals who have looted the Treasury through corruption and have brought the country to its knees. But their criminality should be left to the people of Zambia and their judicial system to deal with, not the underworld.

No one in this world should be allowed to meddle into the affairs of this sovereign country to the extent of killing its leaders or meddling in elections. Those who follow this Nigerian prophet must ask themselves very serious questions about the god they worship because Jesus warned in the Bible that many fake prophets would come in His name and cause atrocities.

That said, the PF Central Committee must come out clean on this Satanism debacle. They cannot afford to keep silent on such a provocative issue which has sparked fear and confusion among people.

We don’t want Rev Sumaili to talk because she was not there! Let President Lungu, as head of government, and Mr Davies Mwila, as chief executive of the party, come out in the open and provide answers.

How do you know this prophet and what is it that you got from him? What power did he give you? How did you use it to win elections? Is it true that you entered into some secret covenants and sacrificed your souls to the underworld in order to form government?

Please don’t bring us anymore problems. State funerals are too costly and Zambia can’t afford another one already. So please, repent and go ahead to challenge Seer 1 if the God who put you in power is stronger than this prophet. Denounce Seer 1 if you are innocent and know nothing about him and his Satanism.

If no one in the top PF leadership can be brave enough to denounce Seer 1 or call him to justice, then we will conclude that the one who was complaining about mfwiti mfwiti mfwiti is the mfwiti himself! Amen!