Central Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kabwe says fertile land and good rainfall in the province has attracted more people to invest in the agriculture sector.

Speaking in an interview, Kabwe outlined major investment activities taking place in his Province.

“We have seen people coming on board to invest in the agricultural sector. You are aware that central province has fertile land and good rainfall pattern which has attracted people to come and invest in the agriculture sector. Plus the government’s opening up of the area by provision of the road network in areas where people are coming to farm. It is boosting the investment and investor confidence in central province, so the future of central province looks very bright,” Kabwe said.

He said the putting up of center pivots in Mkushi, Luano, and Ngabwe by some investors would create employment and business opportunities for the locals.

“And all these are coming in to benefit the locals because people who are putting up center pivots in Mkushi, Luano, and Ngabwe are creating employment opportunity for the local people. They are also creating a skill of transfer because people now know how to operate tractors, they know how to operate these center pivots and that’s a skill that people will die with. And also its creating business opportunities for our people,” Kabwe said.

Meanwhile Kabwe disclosed that a number of investors had shown interest to invest in the mining, tourism, and energy sectors within the province.

“Investors are investing in manganese, gold and copper. We have seen people investing in the tourism sector. Others have invested in the energy sector. We have seen itezhi-tezhi coming on board in partnership with Zesco and Tata, Lusemfwa hydra station in central province,” he said.

“Other investors in Serenje who are putting up a wind energy in Serenje. We have another project called Pensulo in Serenje, that is powering northern and Eastern province. We have a solar farm in Kabwe which is coming and investors are on site. We have another solar farm in Mumbwa which has advanced, about 70 percent works done.”

Kabwe further disclosed that some indigenous Zambians were investing in Kabwe fabrics known as Kifiko.

“We have over five mines in central province, one in chief Chamuka’s area, three mines in Mkushi copper and manganese, one manganese mine in Serenje, and there are others who want to open another mine in Luano to do with gold. Remember where we are coming from, we had crises in the energy sector when the water levels were low, but now we have people who are investing with huge investment in Serenje,” said Kabwe.

“We have indigenous Zambians who are investing in Kabwe fabrics known as Kifiko. We are encouraging the local people to come and invest, all these cotton farmers, commercial farmers should come on board and invest.”