MMD leader Nevers Mumba has asked Finance Minister Felix Mutati to tell the nation the exact debt which the country has contracted.

In a letter to Mutati yesterday, Mumba said he searched for the truth after the latter gave two different figures in Parliament over how much Zambia was owing.

“Arising from your address in Parliament when you announced the national debt figure as $7.2 billion after your initial figure of $17.2 billion after your initial figure of 17.2 billion was corrected by your office, we have embarked on a long search for the truth than your last figure of $7.2 billion. I am aware that your ministry is the only one mandated by law to confirm figures such as national debt. That is why we have sought for your final position on this matter,” wrote Mumba.

“Please peruse through our findings and calm our nerves by clearing the obvious anomalies we have identified in your numbers. We intend to further raise this question of clarification on the floor of Parliament where your statement was given. Since this information is already in the public domain, we request that your statement of clarification be made available to the public, while we would also appreciate an official reply to our letter. We await your favourable response and wish you God’s guidance as you deal with this matter.”