Zambia is among 26 pilot countries worldwide selected to participate in the United States government’s newly-launched Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) programme established to support women entrepreneurs through a US$30,000 grant.

According to a statement issued by US Embassy public affairs officer Sean McIntosh, Thursday, the grant will be used to help women entrepreneurs jump-start their respective businesses following training sessions to be conducted by business innovation hub, BongoHive.

According to McIntosh, the US Embassy partnered with the Women’s Entrepreneurial Centre of Resources, Education, Access, and Training for Economic Empowerment (WECREATE) Zambia and BongoHive to implement the programme.

“With a US $30,000 grant, WECREATE-Zambia and BongoHive will conduct business training sessions for 100 women entrepreneurs in Zambia. WECREATE Zambia and BongoHive will run an AWE Accelerator Challenge and the most progressive entrepreneurs receive seed funding to jumpstart their businesses,” stated McIntosh.

The US Embassy’s partnership with WECREATE-Zambia and BongoHive is part of the US government’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment to help Zambia create a better economic future.

The partnership is also designed to help to fulfil women’s economic potential.

The AWE programme was launched by the US Department of State to support women entrepreneurs around the world.

And as part of the White House-led Women’s Global Development and Prosperity initiative, AWE aims to equip women with practical skills needed to create sustainable businesses and enterprises.