Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary Songowayo Zyambo has instructed Provincial Agricultural Coordinators for Lusaka, Southern and Western Provinces not to hold agricultural shows this year due to crop failure caused by droughts that hit the three provinces.

In a letter addressed to the three Provincial Agricultural Coordinators, Zyambo also stated that the three provinces will not exhibit at this year’s national agricultural and commercial show.

“This serves to inform you that the Ministry of Agriculture has directed that your province will not hold Agricultural and Commercial Shows this year, following crop failure due to the drought that your province experienced during 2018/2019 farming season,” read the letter.

“It also follows that your province will not exhibit the 2019 National Agricultural Show. Kindly inform all concerned, including District Agricultural Coordinators and other stakeholders in your province.”

However, Zyambo told News Diggers! that the National Agricultural and Commercial Show will still go on.

“Yes, that’s correct. But it is just in the three provinces, because of the droughts, there is nothing for farmers to show. Otherwise that big one, the Lusaka Agricultural (Show), is still going ahead,” said Zyambo.