ADD president Charles Milupi has challenged the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) to explain why it inflated the cost of the tender awarded to AVIC International for the River View Park development project.

Last week, NAPSA head of corporate affairs Cephas Sinyangwe rubbished and described as misleading a News Diggers! which revealed that the pensions body awarded AVIC International a contract to develop the named area at an escalated cost of US $25.7 million against the contractor’s offer to do the work at US $21.6 million.

Sinyangwe, however, declined to state exactly what was misleading about the story.

Reacting to NAPSA’S official position in an interview, Milupi said instead of arrogantly brushing off the story, the Authority should explain why it was wasting public resources in such a manner.

“It is not enough to say the story is misleading! They should give details of what the AVIC bid price was and at what price the tender was awarded. Any difference should be explained. They should not arrogantly brush off the story in the manner they have done. It is public money they are dealing with! In the climate of allegations of high levels of corruption in the nation, and allegations of gross over-pricing of projects by contractors, including the company in question, the media and the public have every right to be concerned,” stated Milupi.