A POLICE officer who shot a fellow police officer last October after mistaking him for a criminal has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for explanation of the manslaughter charge.

In this matter, allegations are that Mukonka, 47, on October 25, 2016 negligently caused the death of Geoffrey Banda at road block in Chongwe.

Mukonka appeared before magistrate Judith Chiyaika yesterday and she explained the charge to him.

He said he understood the charge, after which magistrate Chiyaika informed him that the matter would be admitted to the High Court once instructions to proceed were received from the DPP.

Last year, police spokesperson Esther Katongo had stated that Mukonka, while manning the barrier near the airport round about, was informed about a group of armed criminals who were using the same road.

She had stated that when the police officers from Chipata reached the barrier, they found it closed and that one officer disembarked from the vehicle with a view of finding out if there were officers at the point.

Katongo stated that Mukonka mistook sergeant Kapolyo for the criminal he had earlier been informed about and shot him in the chest.

Katongo further stated that Mukonka fired another shot which hit the driver of the vehicle, detective inspector Banda, and he died on the spot.