PARAMOUNT chief Mpezeni has been sued in the Lusaka High Court for a US$127,000 dubious Mukula tree deal.

According to a statement of claim filed in the principal registry, former Western province minister Richard Mwapela, a businessman and politician, also cited Mathias Puta and Danny Mwanza as second and third respondents in the matter stating that the duo were introduced to him as chief Mpezeni’s nephews.

Mwapela stated that chief Mpezeni, whose real name is Davison Jere, told him that he sold Mukula trees and that he had a license to transport and export the commodity.

He submitted that he agreed to buy the Mukula tree from chief Mpenzeni based on the assurance that the latter had a license.

Mwapela also stated that he paid the chief US$87,000 in the presence of Puta; who counted the money and that he witnessed as Mpezeni gave Puta a share.

Mwapela also indicated he paid the third defendant, Mwanza, who was awarded a contract to transport the Mukula tree and that he paid him US 40,000 for the transportation services.

He also availed after making full payment and after loading the trucks with the said Mukula tree, Chief Mpezeni informed him that he actually did not have a license to sell and export the commodity.

“After trying several times to get the first defendant to secure a license, the plaintiff only heard after more than one month that the first defendant had sold the same Mukula tree to someone else,” stated Mwapela.

Mwapela further stated that he had repeatedly demanded his refund from the defendants but that they have refused to pay him.

He added that as a result, he has suffered loss, damage and inconvenience.

Mwapela is therefore seeking an order compelling chief Mpezeni to give him a refund, costs and other relief the court might deem fit.