Kazimai Marketeers Cooperative Society Limited shareholders have sued two Patriotic Front civic leaders in the Lusaka High Court for allegedly interfering with the smooth running of the market.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court by Anderson Zulu and four others, the shareholders want an injunction to restrain Watson Mtonga, a councillor, and Thomas Kaluba, a ward chairman, from causing further interference in the management and administration of the market in Lusaka’s Mtendere compound.

Zulu complained that Mtonga and Kaluba had caused many irregularities at the market and had imposed their political will on the general membership and shareholders without regard to the legality under the circumstances.

Zulu claimed that the two councillors had on numerous occasions misappropriated funds, distorted the registers and records which rectification ought to be adjudicated upon by the court.

Zulu further stated that the two civic leaders were perpetrating their political will which did not serve the interest of the majority of people having an interest in the market.

He started that traders had tried to resolve the issue of political interference with the registrar of cooperatives but to no avail.

The plaintiffs are now seeking a declaration that the market is an entity existent by the due registrations as per certificate of registration and should be administered within the confines of the cooperatives act number 198 of 2008.

They also want the court to direct the registrar of cooperatives in implementing all the legalities pending the determination of the matter.