The state has entered a nolle prosequi in a matter in which a Somali woman was accused of murdering her husband.

23-year-old Amina Muhammed of Lusaka’s Emmasdale area, was accused of poisoning her husband Osman Mohammed in March.

When the matter was called, deputy chief state Marriam Bah Matandala discontinued the case by way of a nolle prosequi.

Lusaka High Court judge Susan Wanjelani has since discharged the accused who had been in custody since March 2, 2017.

The court however warned Amina of a possible re-arrest should the state decide to do so.

Since pleading not guilty on September 4, trial never commenced in the matter as the state failed to locate witnesses who are said to have shifted to other residential areas.

Details in this case are that Amina told police officers that her husband committed suicide using a chitenge material which he tied to a window following a marital dispute.

However officers who rushed to the scene found that the deceased’s neck was intact and his body was found on the floor in their matrimonial bedroom.

During postmortem, a pesticide was detected in the stomach contents.

But Amina had informed the police officers that her husband refused to eat the food that she prepared for breakfast and that he threw the bread, baked beans and bananas through the window.