FAZ president Andrew Kamanga’s abuse of authority case has been withdrawn on technicalities.

In this matter, it was alleged that Kamanga between January 1, 2016 and December 2016 did pay or directed to be paid from funds belonging to FAZ and in abuse of office of the president of FAZ the sum of K24,552.00 to Savoy Hotel.

In the said sum is in respect to bills incurred by James Mpombo, Hamalabi Nyirenda and Zebron Nkhoma who at the time were non executive members of FAZ.

The complainant in this case are Kelvin Chipili and Damiano Mutale.

When the matter came up before Ndola magistrate John Mbuzi, Kitwe lawyer Ivan Mulenga informed court that they were still waiting for instructions from the DPP.

“The matter was scheduled for plea, however, we still await the consent of the DPP to private prosecute this matter in the meantime there are some technicalities that we have noted and feel that for now it will be best that the matter be withdrawn and we will pre-institute,” Mulenga said.

Kamanga’s lawyer David Chakoleka did not object to the application.

“This is a matter that came as a way of complaint and in that respect it is within the prerogative of the complainant to withdraw the matter. We have no objection,” said Chakoleka.

Magistrate Mbuzi granted the application and discharged the accused.