Five Ndola women have pleaded not guilty to a charge of abduction and indecent assault on a female.

Fact before court are that on December 1, 2018, Precious Kapambwe 25 , Bridget chisha 21, Magrette Mwansa 25,Catherine Banda 29 and Maureen Mutale 29, while acting together abducted the named victim and caused her actual bodily harm, buy inserting a beer bottle into her private parts.

It is alleged that on the material day, in Ndola’s New Mushili township, the victim was having drinks at Start Point Bar at Masala main market with Harrison Mwanza, the husband to Kapambwe.

Whilst at the drinking place, Kapambwe showed up in the company of her other four friends.

It is alleged that upon seeing his wife, Kapambwe’s husband run away leaving the victim alone.

Kapambwe then picked the victim by force and took her to home where she was allegedly forced to undress.

And in the video which has since gone viral on social media, the women were seen holding the victim’s hands and legs while another was seen placing a bottle of castle beer in the victim’s private parts.

When the matter came up for plea Monday afternoon after a new charge of abduction was added, the five pleaded not guilty.

Ndola Principal resident magistrate, Obbester Musukwa adjourned the matter to December 26 for commencement of trial while the five were remanded in custody.