Lsk woman sues 3 suppliers over K258,000

A businesswoman of Lusaka’s Bauleni Compound has dragged three Kamwala South residents to court for failing to supply her with 20 laptops and 30 cell phones from Dubai after giving them an advance payment of K258,000 last year.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Tuesday, Remedy Zulu, who has sued Crapson Mwandia, Memory Mutambo and Gabriel Ngulube, stated that she was in the business of buying and selling of cell phones and laptops, whereas the defendants were in the business of supplying the said items.

Zulu stated that between March and May, last year, she entered into an agreement with the defendants that they supply her with 20 laptops and 30 cell phones.

She further stated that she advanced a sum of K258,000 to the defendants to order the said items from Dubai, but added that the defendants had failed or neglected to deliver the items as agreed.

“The plaintiff advanced the sum of K258,000 to the defendants for them to order the above mentioned items from Dubai. The defendants have failed or neglected to deliver the items as agreed,” read the statement of claim.

Zulu stated that she had asked the defendants to refund her the money, but they had neglected or refused to pay.

She is now claiming for an order for the delivery of 20 assorted laptops, tablets and 30 assorted cell phones, as an alternative to refunding the K258,000.

Zulu is further seeking damages for breach of contract by the defendants, interest and costs, as well as, any other reliefs the court may deem fit.


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