The State has entered a nolle prosequi in a matter in which six suspected members of the notorious gang called ‘Sons of the Devil’ were charged with aggravated robbery in the Kitwe High Court.

In this matter, Gilbert Bwalya, Peter Ilunga, Saviour Chanda, Frank Mwape, Patrick Chalwe and Mick Nyambe were charged with aggravated robbery.

It was alleged that on December 25, last year, the six jointly and whilst acting together stole K753 from Samuel Kabwe the property of David Ngosa.

But when the matter came up for commencement of trial before Judge Timothy Katanekwa, the State entered a nolle prosequi.

At this point, Judge Katanekwa informed the six that even if they were being discharged from the offence, chances of being re-arrested were very high as they had not been acquited. 

Judge Katanekwa added that the six were free to go home but advised them to stay away from bad vises that would put them in conflict with the law.

The ‘Sons of the Devil’ is one of the teenage gang groups that had been terrorising the streets of Kitwe and other residential areas.