The Chingola Magistrates’ Court has set October 9, 2019 as date for a ruling in a case where a Chinese national, Liang Bin Giang, is jointly charged with 13 Zambians for illegal military training.

The matter will came up for ruling on case to answer.

The Chinese national is charged with 13 Zambian nationals for illegal military training.

Particulars of the offence are that Bin Giang 32, and 13 others on July 16, were being drilled in weapon training without authority.

When the matter came up for continued trial, Giang told the court that he had forgotten his phone password.

This was during identification of evidence by the witness who told the court that there was a video which was shown to the witness during the arresting of the accused.

But when Giang was told to unlock the phone, he claimed to had forgotten the password during his stay in remand.

Magistrate Martin Namushi said the court could not compel the accused to unlock the phone and told the prosecution that it was their duty to secure their own evidence.

Acting Criminal Investigations officer Michal Chushi told the court that he also received contradicting information from Giang and his 13 co-accused during investigations.

Magiatrate Namushi adjourned the matter to October 9, 2019 for ruling on case to answer.