A 37-year-old nurse and a 21-year-old student have admitted illegally selling various government medicines at a drug store in Lusaka’s Chainda area.

In this matter, Patricia Ncube, a nurse, and Precious Chambanenge, from Ibex Hill extension, are charged with selling at a place not a pharmacy, contrary to section 44 (1) and 66 of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act Number 3 of 2012 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on October 4, 2019 in Lusaka, the two, whilst acting together, did place for sale medicine being Ciproleb 3×10 tablets, Shelcal 4×15 tablets, Chlorpheniramine 5×2 tablets, Dynapar 2×10 grammes, gentamycin 7×2 milliliters, 7×2 milliliters of Metochromide, Go Cof 37×2 tablets, Azileb 5×3 tablets, Adflam 25×3 milliliters, Ivynozvin 1×10 milliliters, 20×4 tablets of Stop Cold, Compound Magnesium Trisilicate 18×10 tablets.

Other medicines include: Amoxillin 5 x 10 capsules, Kofex 5 x 100, milliliters, Sinuphon 5 x 100 milliliters, fluconazole 9 x 10 capsules, Dr Maison 47 x 10 tablets, Hermoforce plus 4 x 200 milliliters, bonnisan 4x 120 milliliters, Beclomin cream 4x 15 grammes, Ecodax cream 2 x 10 grammes, Tuxiril 2 X 100 milliliters, Coldril 2 x 100 milliliters, Cloxacillin 11 x 10 tablets, silver Sulphadizine 5 x 25 grammes, Dexamycin 5 x 10 milliliters, Clotrilin 3 x 15 milliliters and other assorted medicines.

The medicines were being sold at a place, namely, Ubenga Drug Store, in Lusaka’s Chainda area without lawful authority.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Sheila Mwene for plea, Tuesday, the two pleaded guilty and admitted that they had no lawful justification.

When Magistrate Mwene asked Chambanenge if she was selling drugs at a pharmacy, the accused said the store was not a pharmacy.

She further said she did not have any lawful authority to sell.

Chambanenge told the Court that the nurse, Ncube, was the owner of the said drugstore.

At this point, the Court entered a plea of guilty and adjourned the matter to today, October 10, this year, for written facts and sentencing.