A CORPORATE services manager at Zesco Limited has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that an electrician filled in an application form for the supply of electricity to nine flats in Ibex Hill and further indicated that the said properties were for former Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander Eric Chimese.

Kennedy Chisanga further testified that 21 accounts for electricity supply were in Chimese’s name after conducting a search on Zesco customer management system.

This is in a matter where Chimese and Chita Lodge director James Chungu are charged with abuse of authority and money laundering in relation to properties in Ibex Hill and Lilayi area in Lusaka.

When the matter came up for continued trial before Lusaka Magistrate Nsunge Chanda, Monday, Chisanga told the Court that in February, last year, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) wrote to the Zesco managing director requesting for information.

He said Zesco managing director Victor Mundende tasked him to attend to DEC’s request.

Chisanga said he was given three names, which were: Eric Mwaba Chimese, Sharon Gray and Leonard Mutema.

He said DEC wanted information relating to the accounts domiciled at Zesco for the said names.

Chisanga said after checking the customer management system, he picked 28 accounts out of which 21 were in Chimese’s name, six under his wife Gray’s name, while one was in Mutema’s name.

He explained that the number of accounts correlates with the number of Zesco electricity connection points to properties.

Chisanga said the 21 accounts under Chimese’s names were on properties in Salama Park.

The witness said he submitted the list under which the premises were connected to the power grid, including four quotations under which Chimese applied for power supply, to DEC.

Chisanga said after submitting the quotation forms, DEC asked for the actual application forms, which Zesco receives from the customer, which is filled by the customer and part of it signed by the electrician, but he only managed to retrieve one.

He said Zesco received a certificate of title and National Registration Card (NRC) belonging to Chimese and a sketch map of how Zesco could reach the premises to be connected to the power grid and that Chimese was the said customer.

Chisanga said Chimese indicated that the premises to be connected were on plot number 1/9/38B/488 on Twin Palm Road in Ibex Hill Lusaka and that he further indicated that there were nine flats to be connected to Zesco power grid.

He also told the Court that an electrician, a Mr Phiri, also signed on Chimese’s application form and he indicated that he would give technical information on behalf of Chimese.

“The electrician indicated that he was filling this form on behalf of Eric Mwaba Chimese. He said the properties (nine flats) are on number 1/9/38b/488 in Ibex Hill. He indicated that the owner of the premises is E.M Chimese,” said Chisanga.

Trial continues on March 19, 2020.