Eight Ndola women who shouted “ritual killers” in reference to USAID health workers have appeared in the Ndola Magistrates’ Court for seditious practices.

Last week, police in Ndola arrested eight women who incited members of the public to beat and burn two USAID health workers who had followed a patient at Masala Clinic.

In this case, Mirriam Bwembya, 30, Alice Mbasela, 21, Emeldah Chilufya, 30, Doreen Lumbeta, 22, Mirriam Kasongo, 23, Virginia Chilufya, 26, Martha Chenda, 25 and Christine Soko, 60, are charged with Seditious practices contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that on February 21, this year, Bwembya, Mbasela, Chilufya, Lumbeta, Kasongo, Chilufya, Chenda and Soko conspired with others unknown to incite violence, resistance and disobedience to administration of lawful dispensation of medical care.

The eight uttered words, “ritual killers, collecting blood and gassing innocent citizens for ritual purposes” to Georgina Ngalasa and Melbour Katebe.

When the matter came up before Ndola Principal resident magistrate Obister Musukwa, the eight women said they understood the charge after it was read to them.

However, they could not take plea as the court will have to wait for instructions from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutor to proceed.

Magistrate Musukwa denied bail to the eight women until witnesses in the matter testify.

“I have taken note of your application. Though you are of fixed abode, I am inclined to deny the bail until witnesses testify,” said magistrate Musukwa.