Four Linda compound rioters have been found with a case to answer and have since been put on their defense by the Lusaka Magistrates’ court.

This is a matter in which the accused are charged with one count of rioting after proclamation contrary to section 79 of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offense are that Nelson Chirwa, Angel Mumba, Alick Banda and Victor Banda, on February 14, 2020, jointly and whilst acting together with other unknown persons and being in a riotous assembly did take part in a riot and caused damage to buildings.

When the matter came up before Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale, the court said the state had adduced enough evidence to have the accused placed on their defense after finding them with a prima facie case to answer.

Earlier, detective chief inspector Joseph Likunde of Chilanga police narrated how he led a team of officers to quell riots in Lusaka’s Linda compound after a distress call from Linda police post which was under siege by riotous residents.

He added that the residents were rioting against the gassing of homes and suspicion that one of the culprits was being held at the police post.

He explained that on the material day, he was on duty at Chilanga Police Station when he received a distress call around 11:00 hours from an inspector at Linda Police Station to the effect that a police post was under siege by a riotous crowd which was throwing stones and all sorts of objects at the police post and the vehicles parked there.

Likunde said the riotous mob damaged Linda Police Post and vehicles.

“I mobilised a team of officers to respond to the distress call. And I led the team. Upon arrival at Linda Police Post, we found a riotous mob having blocked the roads with stones, burning tyres and others objects, they were busy throwing stones at us… Later, suspects were apprehended and taken to Chilanga police station. After interviewing them, I learnt that some of the suspects were apprehended by army officers and police,” said Likunde

He further identified the accused who were before the court as those who were apprehended by the police.

Meanwhile, two of the accused were granted K10,000 bail in their own recognizance.

The matter was then adjourned to 15th April 2020 for defense.