TRIAL in a case in which two Ndola sisters are in the Magistrates’ Court for indecently assaulting another woman on Monday failed to take off because witnesses, including the victim, were not before court.

In this this case, Delphister Malasa, 26, a house wife, and Serah Malasa, 20, a grade 12 pupil both of Kabushi Township, are charged with indecent assault on a female.

It is alleged that the duo, acting together, willfully and unlawfully indecently assaulted a female.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on June 9, this year, when Delphister discovered that her husband was allegedly having an affair with the victim who was also believed to be her best friend.

Upon discovering this, Delphister, in the company of her younger sister Serah, went to the victim’s house and started beating her.

The two sisters allegedly undressed the victim, removed her underwear and inserted an iron bar into her private parts.

When the matter came to court before Magistrate Changa Chitabo, Monday, Public Prosecutor Francis Mulenga told court that the state was unable to proceed due to the none availability of witnesses, including the victim.

“As such the state has applied for an adjournment. Let the matter come up on a later date,” he said.

Magistrate Chitabo then adjourned the matter to July 24.