A 32-YEAR-OLD man of Kapoto compound in Kitwe has been sentenced to one year imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a car battery.

Albert Mwansa, a bus conductor of Riverside station, has been sent to Kamfinsa prisons after he stole from his boss Joseph Mutale.

Mwansa was charged with theft contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The particulars of the offense were that on November 30, 2020 in Kitwe, a Mwansa stole one car battery worth K1,110, the property of Mwansa.

Appearing before Resident Magistrate Malota Phiri for plea, Mwansa admitted having stolen the battery.

Mwansa told court that he took the battery because he thought Mutale was still owing him his daily allowance of K50.

Mwansa told the court that it was only while he was in police custody that he realised Mutale had actually paid him.

And upon his own admission, Magistrate Phiri found him guilty as charged and convicted him.

In mitigation, Mwansa begged the court to exercise maximum leniency for he was a first offender and also a married man with children.

Magistrate Phiri then sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour.