THE matter in which late Republican Progressive Party (RPP) leader James Lukuku was charged with expressing hatred or contempt against Chinese nationals due to their race has been discontinued.

The proceedings were discontinued against the deceased yesterday in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court in view of a nolle prosequi entered by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the matter.

Lukuku was in February, last year, found with a case to answer in the charge of expressing or showing ridicule or contempt for persons because of race.

In this matter, Lukuku was alleged to have uttered words and published writings, expressing and showing hatred for Chinese nationals because of their race and place of origin when he allegedly issued a statement in which he called for people to protest against the Chinese influence in Zambia.

He, however, died on October 31, last year, before the matter could be concluded.

Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale had previously asked the lawyer, who was representing Lukuku to produce the deceased’s death certificate at the next court sitting.

This is for the purpose of the Court’s record in order to discontinue the matter.

However, when the matter came up yesterday, Lukuku’s lawyer, Kamuwanga Phiri failed to produce the death certificate, saying the document was a subject of investigations into his death.