A 19-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to stealing a 6 months old baby in Ndola.

In this matter, the Juvenile stole the baby with intent to keep it.

It is alleged that on 13th August 2021, in Ndola, with intent to deprive the parents, the Juvenile took away a child under the age of 16 years from the lawful care of the mother.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Brian Simachela, the Juvenile pleaded guilty to child stealing.

“I admit the charge. Yes, I did steal the child so that I stay with her. I was never allowed by the parents to get the child. I know that it is a crime to get a child without the parents’ consent,” the juvenile told court.

Magistrate Simachela then adjourned the matter to November 17, 2021 for facts and social welfare report.

Meanwhile, the court has set November 22 as a date for ruling on case or no case to answer in a matter where a woman is charged with assault on a child.

In this matter, Florence Lumoonga assaulted her 8-year-old step son by beating him on his penis with a stick.

When the matter came up for continued trial, Davis Hamalambo, 50, of Masala police Victim Support Unit, told court that the boy narrated how he was beaten on his private parts.

“The complainant reported that her child aged 8 was allegedly assaulted by a lady who was staying with the father. The lady, now accused, is the girlfriend to the father of the child. She complained that when she came to see the child, she discovered that the child was injured on the private parts, and after she interviewed the boy, he said it was Florence who beat him using a stick on his penis,” Hamalambo explained.

“She denied beating the child but admitted staying with the child. She undressed the boy and started wiping the boy on his penis and other body parts. He had bruises.”

Magistrate Simachela adjourned the matter to November 22.