NDOLA High Court judge Yvonne Chembe has issued a warrant for execution of sentence against former Zamtel managing director Douglas Mutesha.

This means that Mutesha will spend two months in a correctional facility for contempt of court following a series of Facebook posts attacking judges and lawyers handling his cases emanating from his divorce.

According to some posts on his Facebook page, Mutesha on different dates called judges and lawyers handling his cases incompetent.

In one post, Mutesha said; “It is a circus without animals with Loveness Mbaluku and Judge Yvonne Chembe at Ndola High Court.”

He said they carried themselves as though they had never been to law school or the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education.

“This is why ZIALE fired Loveness Kolala Mbaluku as Lecturer and Judge Yvonne Chembe rewarded her K500,000 for being fired by ZIALE. Loveness Kolala Mbaluku has cited me for Contempt of Court before five judges including Judges Yvonne Chembe, Charles Chanda, John Mbuzi, Joshua Banda and Emelia Sunkutu over the Mutesha matrimonial properties but no one has sent me to jail as justice has always prevailed,” one of the posts read.

“Today February 15, 2022 Loveness Kolala Mbaluku has devised another trick to sue my close associates as she failed to convince the Copperbelt Permenent Secretary and the District Criminal Investigation Officer that I have been cyber bullying her. When it is infact Loveness who as been insolent as a thief.”

But when one of his cases came up on Tuesday morning, Judge Chembe issued warrants of arrest following his continued attacks on the judiciary.

Mutesha was then convicted and sentenced to two months simple imprisonment for contempt of Court.

“The superintendent of the prison at Kansenshi Correctional Facility in Ndola, where as at a session holden before me on February 22, 2022, Mutesha was convicted by this court of the offence of contempt of court contrary to order 52 of the rules of Supreme Court 1999 and Section 116(1)(i) and (3) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia and was sentenced to two months,” said judge Chembe.