Chishimba KAMBWILI: “If talking about tribalism the way I did on TV is an offense, then I am hundred per cent guilty and I am ready to be hanged.”

Phwahahahaha! Mr Honourable thinks I am so dull that I can’t see what he is trying to do here. Sir, I may be dull yes, but I do have a grade 12 certificate and I can clearly see your gimmick.

Yes, talking about tribalism the way you did on TV is wrong but if you plead guilty to the offense, it shouldn’t be up to you to decide your own sentence. You can’t fool me with your willingness to be hanged – how on earth can anybody hang you? You want me to get excited looking for a rope and when I fail to find your neck people should start laughing at me?

In fact, if anybody wants to take up the challenge of hanging Honourable Kambwili, good luck because in an unlikely event that you succeed in finding his neck, be assured that hanging it won’t be a day’s job!

Talking about hanging people, let me get this straight;
Vernon Mwaanga says no one should be allowed to rig the elections this year and the Inspector General of police charges him for seditious practices?

But when Kambwili says Southerners are so tribal that if Jesus, on his second coming, will decide to stand as an MP in Bweengwa he will get zero votes against Highvie Hamududu unless the Messiah seeks adoption on UPND, the Inspector General of Police sends officers to escort the minister on a country-wide tour to spread this message?

Excellent! This is the kind of IG my president needed, not a sober IG when everybody in government is not. Well done Mr Kanganja, and please arrest Archbiship Telesphore Mpundu also for preaching against theft yesterday. This is seditious practice; it will incite criminals to rise against us.

That’s it for today.