August 11th, 2017

The Opinions by News Diggers have continued to amaze us with their choice of recycled news sources and the dismissive and angry tone taken.

We do not want to believe there is a bitter agenda they want to drive in the minds of Zambians. The sustained tone in the News Diggers editorial can easily fit that of someone whose Hobbyhorse stopped galloping under circumstances wrongfully blamed on the PF and President Edgar Lungu. It is such a person or organization who will pull all stops to recycle anything and anyone to make their wake attack case on President Lungu.

Why else would News Diggers always pick up the phone and call the same sources? It is not President Lungu who is a self-confessed mandrax dealer Vernon Mwaanga. It is not even illegal for President Lungu stating for the record that he will contest the 2021 polls, unless someone believes that it is?

The law does not bar President Lungu from contesting, unless there is a court judgement providing a bar to that effect, so we wonder why old man Mwaanga would even wonder why a government that has just re-entered office is campaigning?

Old man VJ, any good strategist—which clearly you are not or maybe you have ceased to be one – otherwise you would know when to keep quite—knows no end to campaigns. You don’t stop to campaign if you want to win. Plain and simple!

This is the only reason why the soft drink giant Coca Cola spends billions of dollars every year on advertising despite being on top of the game since God knows when.

According to a report on South Korea’s Yonhap News, Samsung spent a total of $10.2 billion (11.5 trillion won) on marketing last year alone.

That included $3.9 billion (4.4 trillion won) toward advertisements, a 15% increase from 2015.

They do this because they want to remain on top and President Lungu and his PF campaign none-stop because they know how important it is to keep the eyes on the ball and not lose sight. The works PF Government is doing in all parts of the country speak volumes about why we must be trusted by Zambians and unless petty minds want us to stop rolling out the massive development since it is part of marketing ourselves more to the people – as in SONTAPO!

PF does not go to court; PF takes the campaign to the people but then a man like old man VJ who has unfortunately walked the “Hall of Shame” for half his political life pretends not to know that.

It is not President Lungu who used diplomatic privilege to run drugs and neither is it President Lungu’s company that went down under the weight of its own toxic debt.

Our word of advice to our senior citizen VJ and including the News Diggers’ Opinion writers is that they must stop what former White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramouch would term as auto felatio.

We are not allergic to criticism as PF and neither is the Party President but certainly we do not deserve the sloppy and surface criticisms. Let criticisms be informed by a duty to hold accountable and not bitterness and contempt.

PF has made it clear that President Lungu is a man of the people and as he has indicated his intention to stand in 2021; like everyone else interested in standing must do so, including VJ if he qualifies.

The race is not for the weak though we can proudly state that President Lungu has shown twice that he can give as much as he can take in a brutal presidential race and win.

If I were old man VJ, I would minimise the damage and retire from issuing these reckless statements every time media calls me up because every time he opens his mouth, he seems to put his foot in it. While we maintain utmost respect for senior citizens such as VJ, he can be assured that whenever he issues malicious statements intended to mislead and unnecessarily demean President Lungu; we shall respond to him because he has dragged himself into the “firing range”.

Its indeed painful to that we should be responding to a Freedom Fighter who seeks to play the role like that of a hired anti-Zambia publicist. We hope he can take the heat on account his age but we shall not pay a price over his refusal to retire from politics. He wants to play ball and we are more than ready for his political innuendos, including exposing his political schemes.

Issued by:
Sunday Chanda
Director for Media, Patriotic Front Headquarters