Attached here are three images with a knife in all of them. In one picture there’s just a knife, the second one has a chef holding a knife and last one has a killer holding a knife.

The knife in the hands of a chef is just a utensil useful in the preparation of meals. The same knife in the hands of a killer is a dangerous weapon and can kill people.

The information above has been proved anywhere. You can not hold accountable the maker of a knife for what you choose to use the knife. You are responsible for everything you use the knife for.

IMAGINE my song KOSWE MUMPOTO as a knife. In a mind of a progressive human being the song is just a beautiful piece of art. To some its funny and a good tool for their happiness.

The same song in the mind of those that are bent on hate and negativity it is a provocative and insulting song.
Just like you choose what you use the knife for….you also choose what you want to think about the song. Like a knife in your own hands, you are responsible for what you use the song for and what you think of it. You can’t blame the maker of a song for what you choose to think.