The latin maxim ; Nemo dat quod non habet,literally meaning “No one gives what they don’t have “puts many of us that aspire for Public office on trial. Going into 2021, the Zambian people must look beyond political ideologies espoused by those aspiring for political leadership (Public office) and further into the character of the aspirants. As has been the case,we have asked far ‘too much’ from men and women with serious short-comings on their character. We have been unfair to them, ourselves and the great nation of Zambia.

We have become a nation accustomed to ‘kwalolo mwela and ebo batushila type of politics, applying little or no introspection to the decisions that will affect generations. Others too,will throw unnecessary jibes and deliberately way-lay the masses to accepting this mediocre style simply because they fall short of the character and substance demanded of a leader.The level of character that this Great nation of Zambia desparately needs.

The question stands,If Dr.Kenneth Kaunda and team maintained a high level of discipline and character.Why then should we fail to do it now? Why have we celebrated individuals with flawed characters and blown-off the candles of those like Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika,Peter Magande to mention a few,that have propagated for character and integrity in leadership.

In this article,we look into the character and integrity of the 2021 Presidential aspirant Hon Harry Kalaba.

Its an undeniable fact that the state of nation is a reflection of its leadership. Nations like Singapore under the leadership of Lee Kwen Yue which in the the 1960’s had a lower GDP than that of Zambia, nations like China which in the 1980’s decided to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty to become the worlds powerhouse and indeed our Burkinabe brothers who embarked on a journey of self-discovery and sustainance all have one thing in common-Leadership,Leadership with character laced in charisma,passion and a clear understanding of the past, the Present and the future. Having the extraordinary ability to reconcile the three elements for the benefit of the nation.This is what the Democratic Party and Harry Kalaba present! A competitive leadership with the energy, drive and selfless passion that puts the interest of the nation and its people first as required for such a time as this, with a deep embodiment of knowledge of the global economy and politics,and the mind to apply R&D, innovation for our nation to stand out in this global village.All this done with the realisation that time is not our best ally.

A Noviate (Roman Catholic-White Fathers)still given to a prayerful life,a family man with one wife,a civil servant par excellence,having served upto Assistant Director level until his resignation in 2008,a representative of the beloved people of Bahati, a Deputy minister and finally a full cabinet minister in his 30’s until his resignation in 2018.The DP 2021 Presidential candidate carries a clear message of Hope,restoration and most importantly-Calling the Country to Order.Heralding the belated need to return our great nation back to its glory days.

When he served at the vice Presidents office as deputy minister,he supervised the programmes that looked a continually averting crises as the embarrassing perenial cholera outbreaks in the capital city. At the Ministry of lands,he demystified the myth that one had to have political influence or friends to acquire a title deed.It was during his tenure that the ZILMIS land management system was introduced to increase efficiency in land alloaction and management of land in Zambia.He was of the thinking that for as long as Zambians had no title deed,the very soveriegnity and identity of the Zambians was threatened.Access to capital also hinged heavily on the issue of ibdigenous Zambians holdibg title to Land.During his time at Lands,its on record that the highest number of title deeds were issued to indigenous Zambians.The DP Presidential candidate was then elevated to the
position of full Cabinet minister to overlook Zambia’s foreign policy a position he served for over four (4)years. Its during this time that we saw the nations FDI sharply increase and countless bilaterals,JPC’s signed in our favour,including heading serving key roles in the regional and continental bodies.

This is the man we present to Zambia. A man who believes in a shared vision for prosperity and who is highly allergic to corruption hence his resignation from the corruption tainted Edgar Lungu led cabinet. A man with inherent love for mother Zambia and for you and I.

Lets Believe Again!