Green Buffaloes women football club has claimed total dominance in the FAZ 2018 women football league after winning all games in the first half of the season.

The army ladies cemented the unusual achievement in Zambian football last year when they carried the league title with an unbeaten record and scoring more than 221 goals respectively.

News Diggers! Sports caught up with coach of the side, Charles Haalubono after his team shot 14 goals in the Lusaka Queens net during their 15th game of the season.

Haalubono said the ladies are a hub of talent and an ever-growing pack of hungry Buffaloes for victory.

“Their training sessions are nearly as competitive as their league games and they all have something different to give to the club,” praised Haalubono.

Haalubono also commended their discipline and attitude towards each other on the pitch.

“Ladies wake up with different moods everyday and some have personal issues at home but somehow my players manage to put their personal issues aside and play as a team,” he said.

Coach Haalubono also said his side has regulars in the national team that add extra competitiveness.

Meanwhile captain of the side Anita Mulenga expressed happiness that they managed to collect maximum points even though some of the players are in national team camp.

She further explained the challenges that come as a result of not training with teammates while in national team camp.

“Sometimes it is not easy to gain composure and coordination because eight of us are in the national team camp and sometimes it feels like you are starting with a new team but we quickly blend in before it is too late,” said Mulenga.

She gave an assurance of how the team is fighting to repeat the 2017 season trend of not losing a game until they were named 2018 league champions. As it stands, the army ladies have played 15 games with all wins.