The National Olympics Committee yesterday presented one gold medal, two silver medals and one bronze medal to the Ministry of Sports.

The medals were won at the 2018 African Youth Games held in Algiers, Algeria.

Kennedy Luchembe won gold in 400m in Men’s race, the male Hockey team won silver, Mia Phiri ripped silver in the 50M backstroke while Niddy Mingilishi won bronze in 400M Women’s race.

The committee also revealed that the country, for the first time, sent athletes Arrian Castle and Anna Howard to participate in Equestrian and the two performed impressively.

Speaking to the media in Lusaka, committee member Kambi Kambi said he was happy with the way the youths participated and that some of them qualified for the Youth Olympic Games that would be held in Argentina next year.

Kambi Kambi also revealed that the committee had little confidence in the athletes because of the sporting calibre of other countries that were competing.

“We didn’t think our youths would rip medals at all. We were blinded by the calibre of other countries that were participating so we had little confidence,” confessed Kambi Kambi.

The board member also said he was confident tat the athletes would compete favourable in the world youth games that would be held in Argentina.

He also mentioned that it was the best that Zambian athletes had performed in the African Youth Games, compared to the past two editions.

And Sports minister Moses Mawere described medals garnered as a manifestation of performance improvements by Zambian athletes participating at high level competitions.

“All these medals presented here and the fact that this is so far the best performance of our youths at the African Youth Games, is evidence that they are capable of anything at high level competitions, ” said Mawere.

The minister further congratulated the National Olympic Committee of Zambia for enabling the participation of athletes.

“It is through the hard work of the national sports federations and the athletes that has resulted in success at the games,” said Mawerew.

“The minister further reaffirmed government’s commitment to strengthening existing platforms for high performance development and creating new and sustainable athlete development programmes in the country.