Shepolopolo coach Enala Simbeya says there is a calming and winning spirit prevailing over the girls in camp that gives her hope they will compete favourably in both COSAFA Castle cup and Africa Cup of Nations.

Simbeya also expressed happiness over her players’ response to newly introduced tactics and mind challenging approaches to the game.

“Training has been intensified.I’m very happy with current mood among the girls. I was worried that it would be hard for them to adapt to new things that I introduced to them. Like I mentioned in the previous interaction, I really was focusing on their mindset and it is working well. They understand and master new tactics very well, they are able to apply them and they do all this in a short time,” Simbeya said.

Asked on the COSAFA Castle Cup vision, Simbeya said her girls would win with the high morale they possessed.

“The spirit is high and it is all the winning kind of spirit. There is so much love among them, one would think they are from the same club. That is what I love the most among them. They have own discussions about how they want to win the COSAFA and take African giants in the African cup,” said Simbeya.

Shepolopolo will be looking to beat their previous COSAFA achievement where they finished third.