NAPSA netball team coach Pauline Nsombo will on the weekend be looking for ways of recording a fourth consecutive win in its fourth fixture, round 2, of the Netball Association of Zambia (NAZ) league after defeating Mazabuka Queens, Prisons Leopards and Lusaka City Council in the past two weeks.

The pensioners’ weekend fixture pins them against undefeated army side Green Buffaloes that only has a draw with Green Eagles for a bad result while NAPSA had no loss in the second round.

Nsombo recalled Buffaloes were the only team that had never been beaten by them in the ten years the two sides had been meeting in the league. In tournaments, Buffaloes had been beaten twice; the first one during the NAZ open tournament in 2016 while the second time was during this year’s Commandant Tournament on 3rd September.

“Buffaloes unlike us rely on experience while we rely on young talent. We are fit than they are but they know perfectly well how to use experience to their advantage. Almost every season I lose players to bigger clubs but somehow I still manage to groom new ones and I have confidence in the newly groomed players that will face Buffaloes. It is going to be a tough one against them but we will be playing to break their unbeaten record in the league,” said Nsombo.

Meanwhile, Buffaloes coach Catherine Chanda said she was positive they would beat NAPSA but could not hide her displeasure in her girls dwindling performance in second round.

“I have no doubt we will beat NAPSA although I am not pleased with my players’ recent performance. It has really gone down and the awkward part is they do not seem to notice. We are scoring less and less goals than we did in the first round. NAPSA is an extremely good and physically fit team that cannot let us have it the easy way but will be there to guide them until we carry the day,” said Chanda.

Buffaloes are on top of the table with 51 points while NAPSA is third with 44 points.