High Flying Nkwazi and Green Buffaloes volleyball clubs will on Thursday be looking to officially claim the second place finish in the Midlands volleyball league with Green Eagles already confirmed champions.

Buffaloes has 26 points while Nkwazi has 23 points but with a game in hand that would see them go three points above Buffaloes if they win all their games.

The outcome favouring Nkwazi is however unlikely as their starting six players are in police training camp and the probability of them being excused is low.

Buffaloes on the other hand has all its starting six and are determined to beat a struggling police side.

Buffaloes assistant Coach Active Muchindu said it would be a shame if his side failed to beat Nkwazi on Thursday.

“Nkwazi is struggling as of now and I would be very ashamed if my boys failed to beat them. We have not lost any player and they are all in good form. This will be the second encounter without their key players and I must mention that they still play well. They are taller and stronger on the ball but they lack endurance. We will take them from that angle,” said Muchindu.

Meanwhile, Nkwazi skipper Gift Mwense advised his teammates to be confident and not bemoan the absent players that are in police recruitment camp.

“We are still a good team and we can beat Buffaloes. A few guys just lack confidence otherwise they are good. This is also a reminder to coaches that there should not be too much dependency on specific players. Every player needs to feel involved and trusted,” said Mwense.

Green Eagles won the league title a month before its conclusion with 34 points and still has two games to play.