Young Green Buffaloes may have a greener future if they win the Barclays final against Nkana on 10th November according to the command’s Regimental Sergeants Major, Andrew Chungu.

Speaking to the team during their Tuesday morning devotion, Chungu said there was a huge chance that the command would resort to awarding them command jobs in the army.

Chungu also urged the team to work extra hard and not forsake Christ in both victories and losses.

“In normal situations, all sportsmen and women for the army are supposed to be employed by it but because slots for recruitment are limited, some of you are not yet employed. Good performance on either the pitch or court can help you get employed quickly. For example, you will see how quickly Young Green Buffaloes players will be employed if they win the Barclays final,” Chungu warned.

“I therefore urge the players to work hard and grab those job slots waiting for them. They are not for the losers because as Zambia army, we fight and conquer. All in all, put Christ first in all you do, be it winning or losing,” summed Chungu.

Young Buffaloes qualified to the Barclays final after beating their seniors, Green Buffaloes 4-3 on penalties.