FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala says he hopes that football national team coach Sven Vandenbroeck regrets the foul language that he used in a post match interview after Zambia’s 1-0 loss to the Black Mambas of Mozambique on Sunday.

In the mentioned interview, Vandenbroeck said it was too early to say all the stupid things about Zambia’s failure to qualify for AFCON 2019 because the team begun its campaign poorly.

Kashala however believed Vandenbroeck could have used more friendly language, adding that people had not even recovered yet from the loss and the consequent result of not qualifying to AFCON.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Kashala expressed disappointment in Vandenbroeck’s language and advised the Belgian to be more friendly to the media and soccer fans.

“It is sad that he used words like stupid especially that we all had not even recovered from the loss and failing to qualify for AFCON. The media and soccer fans should be talked to in a polite manner especially in such instances,” he advised.

Kashala who is also Zambia police Sports Director further voiced out on Zambia’s top FIFA referee’s suspension, Janny Sikazwe.

“If CAF finds Sikazwe guilty, it will be such a big shame on the association and the country at large. It is only now that he’s escalated to this celebrated peak and his fall would come too soon. We consider him a national treasure so if he is found guilty, the whole country will be affected,” noted Kashala.

He further advised upcoming referees and other sportsmen and women to desist from indulging into illegal activities that would dent their names and the name of the country.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) disciplinary board chairperson Raymond Hack suspended Sikazwe over allegations of corruption, violation of CAF statutes, regulations and disciplinary code four days ago.

Sikazwe however said he would prove his innocence according to a story published in Daily Mail yesterday.