Nkana coach Beston Chambeshi has expressed optimism that his side can win the CAF Champions League saying his team has the capability to withstand pressure that defines the continent’s biggest league.

Chambeshi’s team qualified to the next round of the competition after beating a Mozambican side UD Songo 3-1 on aggregate, and acknowledged that all teams in the competition were outstanding in their respective leagues.

Speaking during a briefing in Kitwe, Chambeshi said that he had prolific players that would keep guiding the team to higher stages of the competition and consequently conquering Africa.

“If a team qualifies to the next stage of the competition it means it is doing fine. I have good players that can withstand the pressure and actually win the champions league. I am satisfied with the way they are playing and I am looking forward to reaching far in the competition,” said Chambeshi.

And Nkana skipper Walter Bwalya underscored the importance of his teammates to stay focused in the competition.

“It is a tough competition and we have to keep in mind that it gets tougher per stage. I always remind my teammates to stay focused and work harder because we can never have it the easy way. We have to fight for it and I think we have what it takes to keep winning,” said Bwalya.