The Confederations of African Football (CAF) has declined to state whether the Federation has received applications from Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga and his rival Kalusha Bwalya to stand as executive members.

Responding to a press query, CAF media team stated that they were unable to respond to the matter.

“We will respond to this later. Currently we are looking into the matter and we might get back to you,” read a statement.

Both Kamanga and Bwalya have expressed interest to contest the CAF executive membership position. Kamanga made known his interest two days after former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya had done so.

The development has been received with mixed feeling by the local football fraternity with retired football administrator Simataa Simataa alleging that Kamanga had exhibited selfishness by deciding to stand days after his FAZ predecessor has done so. Simataa said the FAZ president should have instead rallied behind the current executive member, Bwalya, and stand at the next election.

He further justified that Kamanga’s selfish interest were exhibited by his desire to replace a fellow countryman at a position which requires one candidate from a country.

“Two candidates from the same country? No! Kamanga says there was no need for the executive to be engaged, he clearly shows the motive selfishness. On top of all this, I’m aware that for such a position you normally need government’s backing. Has he obtained it? Can government tell us that they have blessed Kamanga’s application to CAF. Because last time it was the government that intervened and said give Kalusha a reference, has he forgotten? Lastly, he claims that he has put in a letter of nomination to CAF, has the letter already arrived at CAF. Because CAF announced about this a couple of days ago, say three or four. So, when did hew put in his letter? Selfishness!”

The National Sports Council of Zambia expressed ignorant on how the matter should be handled. Council Secretary General Raphael Mulenga said the council would wait for FAZ to understand how the matter could be handled.

“So, definitely we are yet to establish the criteria to use to select one candidate, but I know that we only have one vote and we cannot feature two candidates. So, we will get more information from the Football Association of Zambia to know what is obtaining and what is the way forward for these individuals who have expressed interest. So, for now we don’t know what criteria will be used to select one candidate.”

Meanwhile government has been mute on the matter, saying it would hold countrywide consultations to see who should be backed up for the position.

FAZ has however stated that Kamanga needs no blessings from government or the associations executive committee to stand as CAF executive member.

The Association said there is no such provision in the FAZ constitution adding that doing so would be out of courtesy.