FIFA has directed FAZ to resolve the power struggle between out-going CAF executive member Kalusha Bwalya and association president Andrew Kamanga as an internal matter that does not require the intervention of the world soccer governing body.

FAZ wrote FIFA last month stating that Bwalya did not qualify to be nominated by the national association because he did not undergo an integrity test and had brought the name of the association into disrepute.

“Reference is made to the above stated matter. We wish to inform you that we had two interested parties wishing to contest the CAF Executive Committee elections, Mr Andrew Kamanga the sitting FAZ President and Mr Kalusha Bwalya the past CAF Exco member and past FAZ President. In line with the FAZ Constitution and FIFA Governance Regulations Clause 4, both parties were requested to undergo an Integrity Test before being considered for nomination by the Association. Mr Kamanga did fill in the Integrity Test questionnaire while Mr Bwalya refused to do so. We wish to uphold the FAZ Constitution that calls for an Integrity Test on any member desiring to contest posts at FAZ and Continental level. Be reminded that Mr Bwalya was recently convicted by FIFA for corruption and slapped with a 2-year ban from all soccer related that was subsequently reduced to 8 months upon his appeal,” read a FAZ statement to FIFA.

FAZ further stated that the association was interested in nominating Kamanga adding that his papers had already been submitted.

“Therefore, Mr Kalusha Bwalya does not qualify for nomination by the National Association. We also bring to your attention that Mr Kalusha Bwalya has been going to the Press over the nomination bringing the name of the Association into disrepute. In his initial nomination application, he sent an email to my office copying in our Sports Minister and all FAZ EXCO members leaving out the FAZ President with impunity. The only candidate FAZ wishes to nominate is Mr Andrew Kamanga whose nomination papers were already submitted before Mr. Kalusha Bwalya expressed interest. We look forward to being of continuous service to you.”

But FIFA reminded FAZ that the matter was internal and that the world soccer governing body would not intervene as a result.

“We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 29 May 2019 in relation to the nomination procedure applied by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to potential candidates for the election of the CAF Executive Committee. After a thorough analysis of the issues reported in your letter, we would like to inform you that they seem to relate to an internal matter that does not come under the remit of FIFA. Consequently, the matter needs to be assessed under the applicable regulations of the FAZ,” read a FIFA statement.

FIFA further reminded FAZ that the world’s soccer governing body does not deliver verdict on matter that are of a general nature only.

“Finally, we kindly draw your attention to the fact that this information is of a general nature only and, therefore, without prejudice to any decision that any competent FIFA body may be called to pass in this or similar matters in the future. We thank you for taking note of the above.”