Former FAZ executive member Hanschel Chitembeya has challenged the association to penalise Nkana and ensure that the club plays behind closed doors for the rest of the season after its fans violently attacked their team’s technical bench in the one nil loss to Forest Rangers.

Nkana coach Beston Chambeshi was seen hiding behind the technical bench sitting area as their fans threw various missiles on them shortly after the Kitwe giants conceded in the final minutes of the match.

Commenting on the development, Chitembeya said Nkana fans should be banned after which they should find a team that will not lose a match.

“Firstly, it’s very unfortunate that we have such savagery from football fans fifty years after independence. Fifty years ago, it was understood because that is when people were coming to the urban areas and were just settling in so they had uncivilised manners…but 50 years later when people are more enlightened, to exhibit such savagery behaviour, it’s not acceptable especially in football. In football, there is a draw, a win and a loss. Nkana fans need to join a different game when there is no loss, not where there is a win, loss and draw. And if I was in the disciplinary committee of the Football Association, trust me I would ban Nkana to play behind closed doors for the rest of the season so that we make a point that…there [should be] no savagery [in football],” he said.

He further said Nkana fans should organise themselves and start playing in the premier league and ensure that they do not lose matches.

“It’s very bad when supporters can behave like that. It’s inexcusable. You cannot give an excuse in whatever language. So, the association needs to put a very strong message across because you see, they are a danger not only to other football fans and Nkana stakeholders, they are a danger even to themselves. They are a danger to their coach, their players, so you don’t know on whose side Nkana supporters are,” said Chitembeya. “So, since they are a danger to everybody else, they should be banned from watching Nkana for the rest of the season. And I almost forgot one thing, they should start playing themselves. This is a third point, the supporters themselves should start playing the game so that they make sure they win. Because most of them are young and are of playing age. So instead of stoning those that are trying to win a match so that the fans become happy, let the fans themselves start playing the match. You know I’m upset. This shouldn’t be happening in this age and time.”