Kabwe-based referee Peter Sichiondwa on Saturday took close to 30 minutes to decide whether or not a controversial incident had resulted into a goal.

In a week five national division match between Mpulungu FC and Zesco Malaiti played at OYDC in Lusaka, Mpulungu goalkeeper Ally Mulenga was shoved heavily and pushed into the net together with the ball he had held on to.

Sichiondwa then kept engaging his assistants back and forth for about 30 minutes without deciding what result it was.

He eventually awarded hosts, Malaiti, a goal, a decision that infuriated the Mpulungu side.

The entertaining match came to a halt when the visitors protested the goal but the situation later normalised.

Sichiondwa was at it again in the later stages of the match when he failed to add the 30 minutes lost in the first stanza.

The whistle blower had to be whisked away by Police officers as angry Lusaka-based Mpulungu supporters besieged the pitch after the match, demanding for his blood.

The Mpulungu sympathisers could not help but unleash unpalatables on Sichiondwa as the man was being taken to safety by Police.

Commenting on the development, Zesco Malaiti coach Wilson Mwale told Goal Diggers that he had never witnessed poor officiating as the one seen on Saturday.

“We won the game yes, but I am extremely disappointed in the manner we won this tight encounter. To be honest, this is the worst referee I have ever seen in my entire football career. What sort of a referee takes 30 minutes to make a decision on a straightforward matter? I believe in winning convincingly, not like that. At this level, we can’t afford to have such inexperienced referees handle matches. Surely this is not good for Zambian football. Personally, I am not in support of his decision,” said Mwale.

Mpulungu FC coach Moses Mwambazi echoed Mwale’s sentiments and said the game was the most strange ever seen.

“What I saw today (Saturday) was very strange. Look at the way we played and see how a referee’s poor decision killed our spirit to the ground! We are coming from very far, we put in a lot of hard work, then you have an official who seems ill qualified and gives you a heavy slap in your face just like that. It’s very painful, very painful indeed. This has never happened in my life of football, even the body language of our colleagues, you could see that it also affected them. In the end, they got a free gift. Let FAZ do something about it, otherwise this is a total letdown. How I wish this was on TV for people to see for themselves. Some of these so-called referees we have…,” said Mwambazi.

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Police College 0- 1 Kitwe United

Zesco Shockers 1-0 Chindwin Sentries

National Assembly 0-0 Mumbwa Medics

Gomes 1-0 Chambishi

Inden 2-0 F.C Muza

Young Green Eagle 2 -1 Nchanga Rangers