FOOTBALL Association of Zambia secretary general Adrian Kashala says he is unaware of his alleged dismissal from the Zambia Police Service because what he has received is a transfer letter to Chipata.

He said in an interview with Goal Diggers that the redeployment letter for him to go and serve in Chipata was delivered to him last Saturday.

“There was no official correspondence from Police headquarters regarding my suspension from the service, so I cannot comment of the matter. I’m not sure whether it is true or not that I have been dismissed, even that transfer letter was only handed over to me on Saturday. So, I don’t know whether an official letter is coming to let me know that I have been fired, but I am not aware of it as of now, so I cannot comment at all,” said Kashala.

And Zambia Police Service spokesperson Esther Katongo also expressed ignorance over the purported dismissal of Kashala.

“I don’t know whether he has been fired or not. I don’t have that information with me. I don’t know, so maybe the best you can do is to ask him and get that information from him,” said Katongo.