ABSA Bank CEO Mizinga Melu says her institution has set aside K100, 000 for the development of a sports facility in Ibex Hill, a move aimed at supporting grassroots soccer advancement.

Melu told Goal Diggers that the bank has a strategy aimed at supporting grassroots soccer away from the usual sponsorship of the ABSA Cup.

“Well, in terms of development of soccer, the ABSA sponsorship usually involves cups for example, gold, the training of the footballers. It included support…like in this case, infrastructure development. There is a sports facility in Ibex Hill, and we have committed a K100, 000 towards developing that complex so we will be helping the community and children around Ibex Hill who will be able to advance their football skills once this infrastructure is completed. So, we are committed also to developing football not only football played on the pitch like the tournament itself but financial literacy for the players, helping some players with their football contracts and in this particular case their financial support also goes to the grassroots. We support NGOs with such causes,” Melu said.

And Melu revealed that the bank, together with FAZ, would announce fresh dates for the resumption of the ABSA Cup once the Ministry of Health gives a clearance for matches to be played.

She said ABSA would not review its sponsorship towards the cup because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think from our side, we are fully committed to the sponsorship, and as far as the football association is concerned, as soon as we get when the league will resume, we will be able to announce when the cup will resume. But we are committed fully to the sponsorship for the 2020 ABSA cup. The COVID-19 situation has halted this but we will be able to get back to the pitch with the sponsorship. Once the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sports gives a clearance and guidelines of how it can be played, then we will be able to announce fresh dates when the 2020 ABSA Cup will resume. So, the tournament is already on and we are just waiting for clearance,” said Melu.