A swimming pool with a dome roof that helps to control temperatures in the cold season is set to open its doors in Lusaka’s Makeni township.

The unique pool by Zambian standards, measuring 25 metres by four lanes, is an indoor facility for Orcas Swimming Club.

The swimming pool constructed at an estimated price of US$85,000 is meant to help develop the sport of swimming in the country.

Orcas Swimming Club proprietor Joseph Weltin said the pool is meant to help swimmers improve their talent.

“You remember Tonia our daughter is a personal trainer and her emphasis is on swimming. The total cost for everything to be in place is US$85,000. Tonia’s club Orcas has a good number of swimmers who have been able to get scholarships to the United States and United Kingdom on their swimming records which are registered with FINA. Right now, she has started a group of kids to learn swimming and the talented ones will then go on training programmes with the club if the parents are interested to spend the time for the benefit of their children’s athletic development,” Weltin said.

His daughter Tonia who doubles as a coach said the facility which is yet to open to the public is yet to be accredited for official competitions.

“It is not fully ready for public use as we are still in the process of accrediting it for official competitions as that require eight lanes to comply with international swimming body, FINA regulations. The pool is already helping swimmers train ahead of international competitions,” said Tonia.

“The main value to sport is that it is a year round training facility. As of Monday, we will start junior developmental groups and we are hoping to have good number of swimmers coming through.”

Tonia recently had her core competitive group training in winter in Spain.

FINA is an international federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for administering international competitions in water sports.