Donald Trump said Haitians and Africans “Shithole” What is a Shithole?

That’s the question we have to ask Trump, he admits it is not a racist derogatory remark against Haitians and all Africans. This has been received as not only a vulgar language but opening of flood gates of humanity’s worst part of racism and xenophobia, worse of coming from the most world respected statesman. I do not support racism, it is bad, period!

Let’s face it head on: Firstly we condemn any form of racial discrimination from any race not only the African (Black), but whites, Chinese, Asians, or any other human race.

History has it that the Africans built most of the European nations and USA as slaves or forced labor, we must remember this, and from this we have good men and women who where born from these Africans like, President Obama and many others who also fought in the wars to stabilize USA like the blank Panthers and many more. Africans must be honored in some way.

Then again, in a civilized 21st century, one must also consider the fact, a head of state has the responsibility to protect and look after his citizens without fear or favor and by all means necessary. The public funds for education, health, social security, disaster management relief, etc, these are all for his country citizens just like any other nation, UK has the same policy, I see it every time on my UK visor in bold “No recourse to public funds”. So each and every country must operate in this way, for example, a country looks after 20 million citizens with an annual budget of $20 million, what will happen if it receives 10 million immigrants who does not add value to the economy but would like to be catered for in the same budget? These are serious questions we have to pose to ourselves, we don’t say it, but this is the way it is. A productive immigrant like an investor who will create employment and add value, a Medical Doctor, one with world talent, these are types of individuals a country will give citizenship on sight AND NOT an immigrant who will arrive in the country without Passport, without any of the above and starts sleeping on the streets, when sick goes to public health facilities meant for a marginalized citizens who can’t afford private facilities. Besides this, an immigrant without identity is a national security threat, because he can commit a crime and no trace of fingerprints or any bimetallics.

My view on this point is, Africans (Black People) are a strange race with strange ideologies and governance of their on countries. Some say it’s due to the past situations which I understand and disagree at the same time especially in this civilized era, because I believe the past does not control the destiny of one because you can’t change the past but the future controls one’s present. One can add on to say, some Africans because their great grandparents built the Europe and USA, these nations owe them, others suffers from what I call entitlement complexity. ( Because they know am black and I don’t have money) always looking for help even when we can put an effort to help ourselves.

My point here is, Africans must stop running away from their beautiful countries endowed with unlimited resources but roll up their sleeves, not on social media but take to the streets and change their economies by being part of the governance and running affairs of their countries. Build a United Africa, stop corruption, injustices, mis governance, improve infrastructure, improve agricultural, improve healthcare, improve education. Africans must Stop thinking of running their countries depending on hand outs and charities, Africans must Stop thinking on other countries that they will look after her children meanwhile they continue giving birth. Africans must stop begging and compromising their resources because of certain borrowers conditions who demand sovereignty as surety and guarantees. It is very strange that most times when we as Africans are confronted, pigeonholed based on facts and reality we call it racism and xenophobia.

As much as we understand Africans suffered physical and mental damages during slave trade, colonization and scramble for africa, we must appreciate that other nations suffered similar or worse damages like the atomic bombing of Japan, Vietnam wars, and many nations who has focused on the future and rebuild their strengths from the past, look at countries like Korea, Switzerland, Dubai?

Why are we African dying everyday in the waters of the Mediterranean seas, to where are we going????? What is the Almighty green card to Africans?

You know, sometimes I even think, part of the solutions to fight xenophobia and racism is for Africans to stay in Africa.

God bless Africa

Dr Charles Sinkala
WNIF President