A statement attributed to FAZ president Andrew Kamanga made its way into the public domain early yesterday in an attempt by the author to set the record straight on his inappropriate affair with City of Lusaka.

It put to rest speculation that an otherwise strong friendship between the FAZ chief and veteran football administrator Simataa Simataa had broken down, perhaps, irretrievably.

The condescending theme of the statement was nothing but a venomous attempt to deride, disrespect and embarrass big Sims, as I would refer to him.

Not the best of ways to start a day. My heart shrunk, my brain nearly froze.

This is not the Andrew Kamanga I know. Thoughts wondered.

No, he is the same person.

The only difference is he perhaps was showing his true colours by pouring disdain on people he has previously financially helped.

The climax to yesterday’s statement was a revelation by a group calling itself City of Lusaka FC celebrating the latest donation of K10, 000 Kamanga made to them between December 15 and 30, 2017.

This group led by Justine Zulu brought to light their cozy relations with Kamanga when they had been declared redundant by owners of the club.

Following the revelation of their interaction on the City FC WhatsApp forum, the same group published an official statement virtually confirming the donation and suggesting Kamanga was on their side.

Instead of denying the donation and the bias approach he had taken in the City of Lusaka dispute, Kamanga breathed fire on Simataa – the general manager of City of Lusaka PLC 2000.

The FAZ president dropped a veiled statement, first by implicating himself in the City of Lusaka impasse and secondly discharged innuendos at Simataa.

The disparaging remarks arises from a private and personal financial transaction the two made.

This and many other points was the least way I imagined Kamanga could sink. Anyways, he is only human.

It’s a known fact Kamanga owns a financial institution and if his friends conduct business with his firm, it is no reason to hold them hostage if they challenge his administration failure.

His ruthlessness to recover money from his close friends that owe him has seen drag even familiar faces to the police while others have died very sad after he meted out similar punishment on them.

But that’s a story for another day.

Whatever personal business Kamanga had with Simataa has nothing to do with football.

Unless Kamanga is inviting his friends to do the same about him including the many financial dealings he has had with different people and institutions like banks where he has previously worked, then that’s a different story.

But it’s unnecessary. Let’s keep these disagreements strictly football. If we are to differ, let it be within the perimeters of football because when these differences are outside the ‘90 minutes’ period, they have the potential to leave scurs beyond the final whistle.

They can affect our professional and public standing, and even private lives for we can’t claim to be angels.

If Kamanga is not a sponsorship member of convenience at City or one who is after his interest, he should know that the situation at the club has nothing to do with Simataa.

The problems at City of Lusaka did not start with Simataa and may probably not even end with him.

So, when the world comes back to its senses, I hope Kamanga will realize that the path he wants to take of scandalizing others in public has the potential to work against him.

Please, please once again: let’s keep it football Mr. Kamanga.

By keeping it football, we’ll be looking at the performance of the secretariat, national teams, the league, constitutional breaches and general management of the league.

I thank you